London | Travel blog post | As seen from my point-and-shoot

My fiance’ and I were fortunate enough to travel to Europe for the second time last October. We stayed in London before visiting Salzburg and Dublin. This time we stayed in Shoreditch, a really fun and quirky neighborhood within walking distance of downtown. I have to say, I LOVE London. Not only is there a […]

Paris | Travel Blog Post | France

One of my favorite moments in all of Europe took place in the back of our cab when we first arrived in Paris. As I gazed out the window as the city passed by, letting the fact that I was finally there sink in, the Eiffel Tower came into view. After so many years of […]

Tower of London | Travel Blog Post | London, England

Let me start off by saying I love European history. I LOVE it. English history is by far my favorite. My books on this topic have literally taken over our apartment (I refuse to use a Kindle. I love the feel of a book in my hands too much). So I was in absolute HEAVEN […]

Edinburgh, Scotland (as seen through my iPhone)

My fiancĂ© and I were able to visit Europe a couple times last year. I am a firm believer that Airbnb is the best thing to happen to travel since the invention of airplanes. If you’ve never heard of it, it is a website where people rent out their home. It can be either just […]