Cassie and Kashan | Married

I’m so lucky, in that I’ve had the most beautiful clients. Cassie and Kashan are no different. I mean…look at them. And they both have the biggest hearts and so much love for each other. These two met years ago while working at Abercrombie, where Kashan was a manager. Isn’t it funny how much the trajectory of our future can change when we make a seemingly simple decision, like taking a job at a retail store?

This was such a fun day. The wedding party got ready at the trendy AC Hotel in Westport, where they had their first look, and celebrated the reception in 28 Event Space, one of the most photogenic venues in KC. I have to say, I’ve never seen a crazier dance floor. Or a father of the groom who got down as much as Kashan’s dad did. Plus, there was the age-old Mizzou vs KU rivalry brought into the dinner speeches (Cassie is MU. Kashan, KU). It. Was. Awesome.

I love this picture of Kashan’s sister peeking around the corner so much!!

An awesome shirt was presented to Kashan…



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