Yogi Beer Project

I found out about the Yogi Beer Project through social media, and immediately contacted its founder, Brad, to ask how I could contribute. We met at Whole Foods over coffee and kombucha (I was introduced to that amazing fermented drink that day, and I could never thank Brad enough) and decided I could donate my photography services.

Brad started YBP in an effort to bring more men into a yoga practice. By offering beer at the end of an incredible hour long practice, led by Brad himself, he has opened this incredible world up to many men who never would have stepped foot onto a mat. I’m not being bias when I say Brad is the most gifted yogi whose class I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking. Plus, all the beer is donated by awesome breweries, and the $10 entry fee always goes straight to a worthy cause (Girls on the Run, for example, as well as helping a fellow yogi raise money for his cancer treatments).

If you’re in the Kansas City area, definitely check out the incredible yoga instructor that is Brad. In addition to finding him leading YBP, you can also take his classes at Yoga Six in Leawood.

Intrigued? You can find out more about the Yogi Beer Project here.


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