Dana and Chris | Married

Dana and I met at a very demanding job in Kansas City, becoming fast friends as we navigated the complicated world that is corporate together. Even though we only worked on the same team briefly, we remained friends when she moved onto a new team, and not long after across the state to St. Louis. She had talked excitedly about rekindling an old flame with a guy named Chris who was she absolutely head over heels for. So when she reached out to me to tell me she was engaged and asked if I could photograph her wedding,  I jumped at the chance for a much-needed reunion! Even though this wedding was a couple years ago (I’ve slacked at updating my blog as you can see), it still is one of my favorites I’ve ever photographed. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, about this day was picture-worthy.

Quintessential Starbucks picture!

This little dude was breakdancing in the living room, entertaining all the ladies.

The reveal to the bridesmaids is always one of my favorite shots!

On the way to the first look at the Art Museum in Forest Park.

And…of course it was raining!


Dana was so hungry by this point, and continued to feed herself cake. I absolutely love Chris’ reaction!

Dana’s dad gave a heartfelt speech. He trolled everyone by unraveling notes that were as long as he is tall.

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