Courtney and Cory | Engagement Announcement

Even though I’ve only known Courtney for six years, it feels like we’ve been friends since birth. She has been a good friend of my husband’s since their MEM days right after college, and so I had seen pictures of her on Facebook. I randomly ran into her while shopping at The Limited and decided that I was going to steal her from Clay. From that moment on, we became inseparable. Our memories together include visiting six different countries on two separate European vacations (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, Scotland and Italy), a disastrous float trip, snowboarding/skiing adventures, Friendsgivings, weddings, slumber parties, dinner nights, Game of Thrones nights, New Years Eve celebrations, Vegas and Chicago trips…We have even driven across the state of Kansas together on numerous occasions. The list goes on and on. We’ve laughed together. We’ve cried together. Courtney is one of the most caring, giving and beautiful people (inside AND out) I’ve ever known. So obviously I am super protective of her. The woman’s basically my sister. Not just any man would do.

We met Cory at a birthday party a couple years back. I chatted with him for about an hour, and thought about how refreshing it was to have someone so engaged in conversation (hey, man…say what you will but that doesn’t happen much anymore in the days of cell phones)! I could tell he was a genuine person with a huge heart and love for God. And the dude was obviously smart. So when Courtney told me a year later that she had run into Cory again and he asked her out on a date, I literally started clapping my hands. One date turned into two, which turned into ten…you know the story. The rest is history.

They asked if I could take a few pictures for an engagement announcement while I was visiting Kansas City. So we went out to Loose Park and snapped a few. Of course, Zoey and Moose had to make their modeling debut…

Moose’s faces are the best…Almost as awesome as his ears…

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