Eri Getting Ready!

Eric and Eri are part of our original Kansas City, MO group. They started dating about seven years ago, and got married this past January. These two are trendsetters, starting the westward expansion of our friend group when they moved to Denver five years ago. Throughout our years of friendship, we have gone on European adventures together (Norway, Sweden and Denmark…and hopefully soon, Iceland! Wink wink), shared snowboard weekends, had Game of Thrones nights, crazy Lake of the Ozarks weekends…the list goes on and on. Eri asked if I could photograph the first part of their wedding day, and of course I said yes! There is no greater privilege than being there when your good girlfriend gets ready for her big day. And what an awesome wedding this was! They tied the knot in a beautiful venue called Moss in a sweet ceremony officiated by the groom’s best friend, Ross, and served Little Man’s Ice Cream for all their guests. Then everyone continued the party downtown. It was a great night!

Doing her best “suspicious face” as she pokes her head in to watch me work.

Eri got ready at The Parlour in Capital Hill. The talented Mercedes worked her magic.

Obsessed with this farmer’s table. I wanted to steal it but I’m sure someone would have noticed!

Eri’s family flew in all the way from Japan. This is a picture taken in Norway (by yours truly) made into a little puzzle. How adorable! Also, let’s talk about how awesome it was to hear them all speak Japanese. Such a beautiful language.

One last picture before the hired photographer took over! I was so in love with this venue!

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