The Gasichs | Family Session | St. Louis

I met Amanda through her brother Mike and sister-in-law Erika, who I’ve known since 2005 when we all three worked at Chilis. I’ve had the privilege of photographing Mike’s wonderful family (you can see their session here, so was beyond excited when Amanda approached me for a session. This one here marks my third with Amanda, Steve and their girls, and each time they all grow more and more beautiful. The two little ones are so patient (we all know it’s not all that fun to have your photo taken when you would much rather frolic around looking for flowers) and just melt my heart.

I always don’t like to admit when I’m far behind on posting photos, but well…I’ve been far behind! This session is a couple years old, so when I saw this amazing family just a few weeks ago I almost didn’t recognize their little ones! They grow far too fast!

We did a little dancing!

And a little discovering…


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