Felix | Newborn Session

Chris and I work together, and I’ve been pestering him ever since I found out his wife, Serenity, was pregnant to let me do a photo session for them. It’s been a long while since I’ve had the privilege of photographing a new family and I selfishly wanted to be the one to capture those first few days with Felix (sorry not sorry).

Welcoming a new baby always comes with a myriad of emotions, so you never quite know what to expect during a newborn shoot. New parents are in absolute bliss but also sleep deprived! The new little one doesn’t always appreciate a camera in his face (who can blame him). It’s quite the event for everyone. The Karks were pros, like they had done this a million times. Parenthood comes naturally to them. Watching them with their firstborn made my heart swell. They are so in love, and that love is palpable to anyone in the room.

Bonus, Serenity’s mama and grandma were there, so we were able to get those coveted four-generation photos!

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