Eric and Eri are part of our original Kansas City, MO group. They started dating about seven years ago, and got married this past January. These two are trendsetters, starting the westward expansion of our friend group when they moved to Denver five years ago. Throughout our years of friendship, we have gone on European adventures […]

Even though I’ve only known Courtney for six years, it feels like we’ve been friends since birth. She has been a good friend of my husband’s since their MEM days right after college, and so I had seen pictures of her on Facebook. I randomly ran into her while shopping at The Limited and decided […]

I’ve known Liz for years. As in ten. Ten years. It’s crazy to think how fast time goes by! We spent our early twenties staying up all hours of the night with friends, celebrating life. Strong bonds are forged during those eventful years, when you are newly graduated and not sure what your place is […]

Dana and I met at a very demanding job in Kansas City, becoming fast friends as we navigated the complicated world that is corporate together. Even though we only worked on the same team briefly, we remained friends when she moved onto a new team, and not long after across the state to St. Louis. She had talked excitedly […]

One of the sweetest, most beautiful weddings I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. From getting ready at a gorgeous Victorian house in Lafeyette Square to exchanging vows in the Jewel Box and dancing the night away at the Forest Park Visitor’s Center, every location we were in this day was absolutely breathtaking. Thank you, Amelia […]

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